ST LUKE’S . North Bellevue 

Pathways for Getting Connected


Groups come in all shapes & sizes

Find a Group that Works for You 

Community and belonging matter to us. There are numerous groups to get connected to at St Luke’s. Some groups choose to study our sacred text, engage in real-world causes, or tackle a project for St Luke’s. As a faith community, we encourage you to follow themes, topics, and issues that really interest you. Such groups can be a great way to meet people, deepen your spiritual practice, and grow in wisdom, love, service, justice, and  collective action.

Many SUNDAYs AFTER Worship

Community Forum

On many Sundays following our worship gathering, we host a Community Forum.  Community Forums are usually curated discussions, learning spaces, or explorations of topics that touch our lives.  Sometimes we talk about and engage different spiritual practices, hold open dialogues about current events, or engage in intergenerational play. There are always beverages and sometimes snacks.  Community Forums are a great opportunity to connect in conversation and deepen relationship within St Luke’s.  See you soon!


Love & Justice Chorale

rehearsals Sundays @ 8:30am

Our Love & Justice Chorale rocks! We love music and the arts. Our Love & Justice Chorale holds regular rehearsals in evenings and no experience is necessary… If you have a voice, speak sign language, play an instrument, or run sound equipment… or would like to learn, then we have a place for you. The chorale sings during some of our worship gatherings and during special times throughout the year. To inquire please talk with Cheri, our fearless Worship & Arts Minster.

Community Care & Prayer Teams

Various Times (See calendar)

We have an active prayer ministry.  Worshipers are invited to pause at the altar after communion for a moment of personal prayer if one would like, and usually during communion we have a station for conversational prayer by the banner. We would love to invite you to join our prayer team if that fits in your spiritual practice.  Of course you can always request prayer from our prayer team or pastor.


Piece Makers Quilting Group

THURSDAYS @ 9:30am

Our Piece Makers gather together to create unbelievably fabulous quilts. We have a “Blessing Of The Quilts” before sending the quilts to places far and wide. All levels of skill are welcome, whether you are a seasoned quilter or a newbie wanting to learn. These passionate people create works of art to be shared as an expression of God’s unitive love.


Altar Guild

Sundays in Prep for Worship

Our Altar Guild is a community of people who not only care for each other, but who actively care for our entire community by thoughtfully attending to our worship spaces. If you have a heart for hospitality, making a place beautiful, and setting a table that helps make everyone feel welcome, then consider learning more.


Men’s Donut & Work Group

Every 1/3/5 Wednesday @ 9:30am

Connect with some of the men of St Luke’s to eat doughnuts, drink coffee, tell stories, make wisecracks, and yes… dare one another to follow in the Way of Jesus. And, sometimes they take on an update or repair projects around our campus.


Conventions and More

The weekly eNews will announce opportunities

Through the ELCA and other entities, there are multiple opportunities for spirtual growth in our area, such as a convention or a retreat. These opportunities are always shared with the congregation and people are encouraged to go as they please. It’s always more fun to go as a group or to bring a friend.


Communal Leadership

Mondays @ 7:00Pm

The existence of our faith collective invites creative and caring leadership from within our community.  Our Elders and Board of Trustees shoulder the responsibility of stewarding our group’s collective mission, and leading the way in listening for God’s direction as we discern our next steps in big and small matters.  Every year in late Fall we host congregational meeting to remember where we’ve been, look to the future and to identify the servant leaders for the next year.  Don’t hesitate to reach out with questions, ideas, or ways to help us as a community… together we are St Luke’s!

Book, Study, or Cause Groups

Various Times depending on Group

The people of St Luke’s cluster together in various smaller groups.  There are book groups, bible studies, service groups, artist groups, justice causes and such.  If you have something you wish to engage with others let us know and will try to help you find others with shared interest, or if you wish to get connected with a smaller group let us know that too.  Contact our church office.


Hospitality & Community Events

Event Days & Times Vary

We love to throw parties, eat together, and have all kinds of fun.  As you might imagine in an active faith community like St Luke’s we all pitch in to make our life together fun for all.  Some people seem to have an extra passion for making such events happen, if that sounds like you, we’d love to get you plugged in… email Judy B.



Team Opportunities

Streaming, Audio, Video & Social Media

Consider offering your audio & video skills and talents in service of God and neighbor.  We are looking to grow our team of people who actively care for our faith community by caring for the sound, lighting and streaming of our worship gathering.  This is a fun and behind-the-scenes way of serving God by serving our community.  Email Erik to learn more.  

Re-Imagining the Stewardship of our Physical Assets

The COVID-19 pandemic has altered the way our community uses our building and our property.  Our campus is beautiful and we would like to develop innovative and mutually beneficial ways to bless our neighbors and missionally compatible local non-profits with access to this physical resource. If this piques your interest contact Judy B.  

Holden Evening Vespers

In the wake of Pastor Mark’s pilgrimage to Holden Village, and his vital role in developing a new edition of Holden’s Evening Vespers, St Luke’s is exploring ways of deepening our identity as a “Holden Church”… Reach out to Pastor Mark to explore this further. Pastor Mark.

Mission Trip

Ensenada Home Building

Most years we commission a team of everyday people who are connected with St Luke’s to Ensenada, Mexico to build a home for a family in need of safe permanent housing. We are finding this to be a beautifully reciprocal opportunity to develop friendship, to renew faith, and to build a home.  A person doesn’t have to be a professional builder, rather, anyone with an open heart is welcome.  You may want to consider participating on an upcoming build… Bruce would love to help you think about this opportunity to connect & serve.