Our Quest for Faithful Presence

Dear St Luke’s,

I’m back from my ‘family trip’ to Manitoba where I celebrated my in-law’s sixtieth wedding anniversary; and got to be with my folks and all of my dad’s siblings.  I think we must have taken Seattle weather with us, as it was unusually cool and rainy for this time of year. But I’m home and looking forward to being together on Sunday.

I’ve learned that this week, at least a few people in our faith community received an email which appeared to come from me… but was not me.  An online account was hacked and a nefarious character sent out a fraudulent email using my name to request “help in the form of gift cards.”  Again, that was not me. I’m sorry for any confusion that hacker’s request may have caused.

I’m not sure if you have ever been robbed, or hacked, or had your identity stolen but it can be a violating experience.  The thought that someone posed as me to try and take advantage of my friends and family is troubling to say the least.  I’m using this experience to update my passwords and further beef-up my online security.

I don’t want to overstate the obvious but no hacker can steal my deepest and truest identity.  My identity is secure.  I am far more than my account logins.  My identity, is secure in Christ; I am a loved child of God, a beloved member of God’s family, with a dynamic role to play in God’s family business (the renewal of all things) … and so are you.  We are siblings in Christ! 

As such when we gather together around The Table on Sunday we do so as part of God’s family.  To remember who are, to be reminded how diverse and wondrous God’s family is, and what living with an imagination of God’s reign might invite of us in our everyday lives.

It good to be home.  See you on Sunday.   You are not alone.

Peace, dwight