Our Quest for Faithful Presence

Dear St Luke’s,

I’m really looking forward to being back with y’all on Sunday.  Our Gospel reading for this weekend is the beautiful story of the journey along the road to Emmaus.  You can find it in the 24th chapter of Luke.  As you may recall, this is the story which served as the inspiration for the design of our building’s Witness Windows.  So it will be fun to listen to that text and look afresh at our beautiful stained glass.

Immediately following our worship gathering there will a Community Forum in Pierson Hall.  I want to pick up on something that emerged in conversation at one of earlier Community Forums.  While I don’t exactly remember all that was said at that time; but we went on a little tangent exploring the placement of the apostrophe in our community’s name… St Luke’s.  The current position of the apostrophe suggests there is one St Luke’s community; singular possessive.  If my memory serves me correctly we began to play with the possibility that there could be multiple St Lukes’ and if so how might that invite of us.

Well, for some reason, I can’t seem to shake that conversation.  I think there might be something underneath that hand comment that may help us as we imagine our future together.  So, I invite you to join in the conversation; it’s gonna be fun.

BTW – Last week while Pastor Red was with us, my partner and I were enjoying a lovely little Spring Break.  We drove down to Bend, Oregon; hiked around Smith Rock, enjoyed more than one microbrew, visited some great restaurants, took in a bunch of art, and even explored the very last Blockbuster Video store on the planet. We had a blast.  At my school the Spring trimester begins on Monday, so a whole fresh slate of classes and students begins. 

We are in the season of Eastertide.  Signs of new life are everywhere.  I wonder if you are finding places where resurrection hope might be springing afresh?  Remember friend, you are loved and you are not alone.

Peace, dwight