So many ways to belong! 

We are relational creatures.  Being relational creatures doesn’t suggest that there is one, static way of connecting or belonging.  At St Luke’s we strive to honor the dynamic nature of relationships, and seek to create numerous ways to connect, which can support you and those you care about through the ebbs and flows of life.

First of all, we are you to know that you matter.  In our tradition, we understand you to be a person created in the image and likeness of God.  You are a child of God, you are part of God’s family, and you play a vital role as a part of God’s “family business”… (the renewal of all things & relationships).  You are loved!

In ancient Greek – the language of the New Testament – the main word for “church” means “gathering.”  Gathering together, centered in and around the Jesus Christ is core to our reason for being.  Gathering in the way of Jesus invites us to gather in groups that reflect, practice, and form us to to welcome all as God in Christ welcomes all.

Welcoming All

Often the first steps of belonging at St Luke’s center around participation in our Worship Gatherings, either on-campus or on-line.  Signing up for our weekly newsletter is another way of fostering connection.  And formally joining as a member of legal standing is yet another way of deepening belonging.   

We are so glad to be connected with you, and are grateful for the ways your person, your presence, and your passions will shape who we become as a community of faith.


What is Wooing you?

St Luke’s is an open community and we encourage parishioners to pursue their interests, areas of concern, or passions, while inviting others to join them.

If you have a desire to do, learn, or practice something with others, we’d like to help facilitate connections you need to thrive.  Whether you see a need in your neighborhood, your school, your workplace, or if you want to study something, or if desire to develop a skill or grow a capacity consider gathering others so that you can help create community while pursuing your dream.

Working Together for the Common Good

As a faith community we have quite a few ways to engage promoting justice, anti-racism, LGBTQIA+ inclusion, safe & affordable housing, food security. Consider learning more about or joining our Feeding Neighbors (with the Salvation Army), building homes in Mexico, our Good Samaritan Fund, our work with Sophia’s Place, CFH, or the Infaith Task Force on Homelessness.

Participating in a Book or Bible Study Group

St Luke’s has numerous learning groups already to find and deepen belonging.  Some learning Groups include: Community Forum, Sunday School, Bible Studies, Book Groups, Confirmation, Multifaith Engagement, and such.

Serving Our Faith Community

We have many serving groups or teams that foster belonging and mutual care while helping with practical needs of our faith community.  Campus Care & Facilities, Love & Justice Chorale, Altar Guild, Quilters, Hospitality & Events Crew, Ushers, Prayer & Care Team, Board of Trustees, Worship Assistants (readers & Communion), Website & Social Media, tech support, etc. 

Pursuing Flourishing Life Together

Do you have hobbies or things you love to do that you’d like to do with others.  These kinds of groups often blend St Luke’s parishioners together with friends, family, acquaintances, co-workers, neighbors, classmates or even sending out meet-up requests in things together. Yoga, hiking, cycling, earth care, quilting, gardening, painting, mentoring, mindfulness, and so much more.

We If you have questions our faith community’s office.